How it works

1. Registration of interest

By registering on the ACTPHAST4R website using the simple Online Support Request Registration Form, your request is formally entered into the central ACTPHAST4R project flow system.

IMPORTANT: You have to be a researcher from a European Research Organisation (non-industrial)

2. Follow online introduction module on the deployment training

After registration on the ACTPHAST4R website, the central contact point will check if you are linked to an European Research Organisation (see eligibility criteria) . If this is fine, you will receive an email with a link to an online learning platform. Please follow the introduction module in which we will explain more about the project flow in ACTPHAST4R and some initial information about innovation ( = invention+ deployment). You can follow this when you want and the speed you want. On average it takes in total one hour to go through this intro module.

3. Pre-application form

After following the online learning intro module, please add some basic information on your application on the ACTPHAST4R project flow platform with the account data you have received in the meantime.

On the form the basic questions will be asked :

  • To upload a self-assessment (introduced in the online learning module)
  • To enter your CV
  • High-level description of your conceptual breakthrough and targeted demonstrator
  • How unique is your invention?
  • Possible application domain(s)
  • The need for photonics advanced technology and support
  • Do you have support from our principal investigator and/or Tech Transfer Office?

 4. Scouting Engagement

Based on the given information, the Technical Coordination Team of ACTPHAST4R will select the best suited expert that will engage with you for a technical scouting of the project. This interaction with the scout will happen under NDA ( Non-disclosure Agreement), to facilitate an open discussion. During this scouting phase you will be invited to follow 2 additional modules on the learning platform regarding the Lean Canvas Model. You can upload the assessment of those 2 modules  on your account of the project flow platform;

After completing those 2 modules, a Business developer will interact with you to investigate the deployment possibilities. The scouting phase will be concluded with a scouting report, with contribution of the technology scout, the business developer and you as researchers.


5. Outcome of the scouting phase

Based on the “go / no-go” recommendation of the Scouting Report and the decision of the TCT in discussions with the Scout and Central Business Coach, the potential innovation project may proceed to the next step of preparing and submitting a full Innovation Project Proposal for TCT evaluation, in which case the TCT will identify and appoint the most suitable expert from the ACTPHAST4R Pool of Experts to act as the project host.

The ACTPHAST4R project host is usually the same expert who performed the scouting, but not necessarily so based on the additional knowledge gained about the innovation project from the scouting activity.

6. Innovation project proposal

 The project host will work with you  in preparing the innovation project proposal, including assistance in selecting the key technologies and additional project team members from ACTPHAST4R to support the innovation project. The proposal contains a detailed description of you, the innovation challenges and goals, the state-of-the art, the milestones and quantified deliverables, the cost of the ACTPHAST4R support and its breakdown over the involved partners, the contribution in-kind and if needed in-cash by the researcher, the expected impact of the innovation project based on the your deployment plan, the expected increase in TRL levels, a signed NDA and an agreement on how IP will be arranged between you and the ACTPHAST4R host partner(s). The project proposal is easily administered via a streamlined online process.

7. Evaluation of the project proposal

The Technical Coordination Team will meet once every 4 months in a formal face-to-face Evaluation Meeting to assess the submitted proposals for quality according to the published evaluation criteria.

You and project hosts are also invited to be available via Skype to be called into the meeting at the appropriate time slot on the agenda to address any points of clarification requested by the TCT board. Where concerns or questions still remain, the TCT board is entitled to ask for additional information or clarifications to the project leader on the basis that the proposal is insufficiently clear or crucial elements are missing for taking a correct decision on approval or rejection of the project, in which case proposals may be re-submitted with either minor or major modifications made in response to the TCT requests. Finally the TCT board accepts or rejects the proposal for support activity.

8. Contract signature and start of the innovation support project

Once the proposal is granted by the Technical Coordination Team, the Central Contracts Administrator engages with you, the project host and any other ACTPHAST4R partners involved in the innovation project, in order to complete the signing of the contract agreement for the innovation project.

Once signed, you in close collaboration with the project host can initiate the Project Kick-Off Meeting which marks the formal start of the deep technology innovation support activity. You will follow the final module on the learning platform and also engage with the Central Business Coach regarding a plan for the completion of the Lean Canvas Model for your innovation project.

9. The innovation support project

During the innovation support project, you and the host partner will complete every 8 weeks a progress report on the different activities of the innovation support project: the building of the demonstrator, the internships and hands-on.

10. Finalising the innovation support project

At the end of the project you and project host will jointly prepare a Consensus Report on the support activity and a report on the performance of ACTPHAST4R. The latter will be in the form of a survey on the “Quality of Service” and on “User Satisfaction”.

You will submit also the latest version of the Lean Canvas Model and a pitch presentation on your innovation.

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