Eligibility criteria

All of the following criteria must be fulfilled in order to have a project proposal evaluated for ACTPHAST4R support:

  • the status of the researcher as an employee of a European (non-industrial) research institute and not an employee of one of the ACTPHAST4R partners,
  • the provision of an up-to-date CV by the researcher,
  • the provision of a supporting letter from the researcher’s PI at the institute of his/her current employment,
  • confirmation of budget availability on the part of the researcher to co-finance elements of an innovation project,
  • the requested support and whether it is commensurate with the support model of ACTPHAST4R,
  • the conformity of the request with the general objectives of ACTPHAST4R and the EC call,
  • the TRL level and pre-competitive character of the request,
  • the capacity of ACTPHAST4R to accomplish the innovation support.

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