What ACTPHAST4R can offer to you

ACTPHAST4R offers a single streamlined way to access 200 of the best experts and technologies from 24 of Europe’s leading photonics research institutes, covering the entire supply chain to accelerate breakthroughs towards prototype, and beyond into mass manufacturing.

ACTPHAST4R is specifically designed to providing access for you, as researcher to the advanced photonics technology platforms in order to demonstrate your conceptual breakthroughs with industrially-relevant equipment. Next to maturing and building your demonstrator, ACTPHAST4R offers you

  • Internship at photonics technology platforms
  • Hands-on with the advanced photonics technologies
  • Deployment coaching by experienced ACTPHAST4R business development experts

ACTPHAST has already supported over 100 European companies with exciting innovation projects across a broad range of applications where photonics is a key enabling technology, e.g. Communications, Manufacturing, Lighting, Displays, Energy, Environment, Transport, Medical Devices & Life Sciences, Security, Sensors, Consumer Goods, Food Production, and many more. Now ACTPHAST is reaching out to researchers helping them to validate their breakthroughs.

ACTPHAST4R is a 4 years during EU project, started on the first January 2019.
The project has some clear Key performance Indicators:

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