Company details

Company name FYLA
Company type Medium Enterprise (less than 250 employees and revenues less than 50 MEUR)
Industry sector Photonics General
Activity description

FYLA , as the latest acquisition of EUROTREND holding, world leader of laser treatment based technologies on Industrial sectors, is a fast growing company with an exclusive & transversal owned laser technology

Company website https://www.fyla.com/

Project information

Project Phase Contract Phase
Technology platform TP-1: Free-space photonic components and systems
Application domain Industry 4.0
Project scope

LOW Coherent White Lasers Ready for MICroscopy (LOWMIC) - development of a simple optical module to incorporate functionalities of supercontinuum illumination to standard commercial optical microscopes, reducing the cost impact

Project leader Pablo Loza-Alvarez
Project start July 2015
Project duration 6 months