Fibotec Fiberoptics

Company details

Company name Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH
Company type Micro Enterprise (less than 10 employees and revenues less than 2 MEUR)
Industry sector Photonics General
Activity description

Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH provides customer-specific test, measurement and sensing solutions. The company, being "Partners in Fiberoptics", also supports contract manufacturing services.

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Project information

Project Phase Contract Phase
Technology platform TP-2: Glass and Polymer Speciality Fibers & Fiber Devices
Application domain Industry 4.0
Project scope

Investigation of Erbium-doped extended mode fibers, optimized for high power 1550nm fiber amplifiers for various sensing applications such as remote sensing like Doppler LIDAR

Project leader Manfred Rothhardt (IPHT)
Project start March 2015
Project duration 6 months